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Clear Focus, founded in California with its headquarters based in Drusenheim France, is the undisputed leader in designing innovative solutions in micro-perforated window films, known as One Way Vision™. Since our establishment in 1994, we have revolutionized the visual advertising and architectural design industry. Recognized for our market leadership, we take pride in offering products that excel in all weather conditions.

At Clear Focus Europe, we are not just resellers; we are manufacturers dedicated to quality and innovation. Our ability to provide seamless solutions, regardless of the scale of your project, sets us apart. We offer a wide range of high-quality solutions suited for all budgets and printing methods. Our extensive distribution network and a 4,000Sqm warehouse enable us to optimize inventory tracking and efficiency, ensuring complete customer satisfaction in Europe and beyond.

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This allow us to

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Manufacture our products according to European market requirements.

Deliver from our 4,000Sqm warehouse to improve monitoring and stock efficiency.

We have a solution for every budget, situation, or printing method.

Keys to success

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Market leadership

Our adhesives and films work extremely well in all weather conditions.

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Deliver a wide range of high standard solutions, fulfilling customer expectations

We have a solution for every budget, situation or printing method.

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Focus on quality and innovation

Clear Focus Europe is not just a reseller, we are a manufacturer who ensures the highest quality controls in every manufacturing step.

Double Liner

Capacity to deliver perfect solutions

No matter your project, we have wide variety of products for short, mid and long-term application. Build with our patented white double liner.

Our Distribution Network

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