Digital printing is hard enough without having the most reliable films to print on. It is comforting to know that when we steer our clients to Clear Focus, we are recommending a company that is recognized as the industry leader in perf films.

You pioneered this product and we have been successful with it ever since.

Thanks to your team for your experience and innovation over the years!

Gary Schellerer

Managing Partner/VP Operations
ER2 Image Group

We only have positive things to say about Clear Focus, and their products.

They offer all solutions needed, no matter which type of ink you use or application you need to install.

The products are of high quality and are easy to install. Because of this, we are happy to offer their products to the Danish market.

Kim Harris, CEO

vikiallo ApS

Once our company finds a product that provides consistent, quality results we stick with the material.

We've been using Clear Focus' ClassicVue with their CurvaLam overlaminate for about 10 years now.

In all those years we have never had the product fail; in fact we've seen the product hold up beautifully for the full warranty time and beyond.

Charity Jackson, Owner

Visual Horizons Custom Signs

We switched over to Clear Focus premium window films 6 years ago after finding that cheap alternatives were killing our reputation for quality vehicle and architectural wraps.

We've found the entire line of products to exhibit excellent UV stability and edge peel resistance.

It's a great confidence builder to install the best materials the first time, instead of losing money on replacing failing inferior products for angry clients. The latter is always a losing proposition.

Malcolm Gieske, President

– Identity Group, LLC