Key Do's & Don'ts

Please read the following points below; they can help save you time & money! Performing a test prior to actual production can further minimize costly errors and help ensure the success of your project.

If you experience a problem with any of our products, please consult the Troubleshooting chart or contact us.

• Match the substrate to the inks/imaging method.
ClassicVue, SuperVue, ImageVue, PromoVue and BudgetVue are uncoated vinyl films designed for solvent (most types), UV-curable or other outdoor inks; thermal and electrostatic transfer; and airbrushing. ReflectVue, our retroreflective film, is designed exclusively for solvent inkjet printing.

• In the design of your window graphics, avoid the use of dark colors over a wide area. [Details]

• Use a large enough type font -- 30 point or larger for ImageVue, ImageJetVue and PosterVue; 50 point or larger for ClassicVue, SuperVue, and ReflectVue. [Details]

• Allow sufficient time for inks to dry before laminating or installing graphics. [Details]]

• Use an optically clear overlaminate that's compatible with perforated window-graphics film and suitable for the job and the surface (flat vs. curved) on which the graphics will be installed. [Details]

• For optimum one-way visibility, the lighting should be brighter on the graphics side than on the black (non-imaged) side. [Details]

• Use mild soap and water -- NEVER a solvent-based glass cleaner, such as Windex™, to wash the glass surface prior to installing the graphics. [Details]

• Install the graphics on a glass surface whose temperature is between approx. 5°C and 32°C [Details]