Pre-installation Guidelines
Prior to installation of printed graphics, we recommend attaching a small piece of CLEAR FOCUS film to glass as a test to help you become accustomed to the film's characteristics, including adhesion strength.
Glass surface must be clean. Use mild soap and water to clean the glass. Do not use glass cleaners with solvents (e.g., Windex™).
Surface must be completely dry. Use lint-free cloth or industrial paper towels to dry glass.
Temperature of glass must be moderate -between approx. 5°C and 32°C.
In cold weather, apply film in late afternoon, after windows have warmed up, or, in the case of a vehicle, in a garage or other enclosed area (with the vehicle engine turned off). Applying film to glass that is too cold may adversely affect adhesion of film.
In hot weather, apply film in the early morning, while glass is still cool. Applying film to glass that is too hot can cause the film to stretch during installation.

Basic Installation Instructions
1. Lift the upper edge of the liner away from the vinyl and fold back approximately 3-6 inches (depending on the size of the graphic).
2. Carefully position the film so that it is properly aligned on all sides, then press the upper corners in place using light pressure.
3. Using your hand or a soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the film in place.
4. Working from the top of the graphic to the bottom, continue by peeling away more of the liner and applying light pressure to the film. Continue in this manner until the liner is completely removed and the window graphic is in place.
5. Using a utility knife, carefully trim away any unneeded portion of the graphics.
6. If you are installing more than one panel, properly align the next graphic in relation to the adjoining panel(s).
7. Note: In the case of graphics that must be seamed together, install the two pieces so that the edges of the film butt against each other, with the holes aligned (don't overlap the two edges of the film).
8. Finally, squeegee the film from the center and work outward in all directions.
9. Be sure to squeegee the edges firmly in place.
10. Step back and admire your work!

Safety Guidelines for Installing Window Graphics on Buses and Other Vehicles with Emergency Exit Windows
CLEAR FOCUS Imaging is dedicated to safety and makes a concerted effort to ensure that all safety regulations are observed. Compliance with safety regulations is particularly important in the case of buses and other vehicles equipped with emergency exit windows. The windows on buses also serve as emergency exits and must remain operational at all times. Prior to installing graphics on the windows of a bus, the installer must open all emergency exit windows to determine whether the windows are functional. Opening the windows will also allow the installer to determine where the graphics can be trimmed to ensure that, after installation, the window seals are not obstructed by the window-graphics film and that the emergency exit windows will continue to function properly. Applying the window-graphics film over the emergency exit window seals, thereby making the emergency exit windows inoperable, creates a safety hazard in the event of an accident. If the installer is unable to open any of the windows, he/she should immediately report this to the bus maintenance facility management. The installer must not install any graphics to any emergency exit window that is not functioning properly. After installing the graphics, the installer must open all emergency exit windows once again to confirm that they are still functioning properly