Small detail and tiny type are not suitable for films with a 50/50 perforation pattern because 50% of the film is missing due to the perforation process. ImageVue and films with 60% print area or more are recommended for graphics-intensive designs.

When including text in the design, use a point size of 30 or larger for ImageVue and 50 or larger for ClassicVue and SuperVue.

Bright colors (e.g., reds, yellows, oranges, and bright greens and blues) provide the best results. Avoid using dark colors (dark purple, navy, brown, black) for backgrounds or other large areas. This is because with bright colors the eye tends to focus on the graphics, whereas dark colors allow the eye to see through the graphics.

Note: The perforating process reduces the reflectivity of an image. We suggest increasing the image contrast by 10%-20% to compensate for this effect.